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Yamaha Studio Upright Piano – Serial #B1746581 – 1974


Indeed Yamaha is a current, modern piano manufacturer, but you may be surprised to learn that they have been producing pianos since 1887. Practically everything with the Yamaha name on it is of excellent quality, from saxophones to electronic audio equipment. The three crossed tuning forks that make up their logo speak to an emphasis on music, even as it appears on their motorcycles. Although generally of consistent quality, not all Yamaha pianos are created equal, or even in the same factory.  More recent operations have been moved out of the Hamamatsu, Japan location to seek more favorable labor markets.  This console piano from the Japanese factory was top of the line in 1974.

It came my way several years ago; it has a history with me.  I have kept it around the shop, maintained it for personal use and for use as a loaner.  In fact it appeared in a production of “The Sound of Music” where its moderate size allowed it to fit perfectly into the pit at the Haskell Opera House in Derby Line, Vermont and Stanstead, Quebec.  The maple cabinet has a few minor dings and repairs, but all-in-all, is very presentable.  The tone is well rounded from bass to treble.  The middle pedal controls a muffler rail mechanism that allows for quiet practice when engaged.  I particularly like the sleek look of the “no front leg” case style.  Please look through the thumbnails for images of this and the muffler rail.  Original parts are all in excellent condition. 

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Steps taken in the renovation process of this piano have included:

Thorough cleaning from the casters to the top lid.
Hammer resurfacing. 
Full action regulation.
Hammer voicing for optimal tone quality.
Several tunings at standard concert pitch (A=440)

All action parts are original and have been optimized for best performance.


3′ 9″ Console Piano with…

Yamaha Design and Craftsmanship.
Full Blow Action.
Maple Cabinet.
Brass Hardware.
Solid Spruce Sound Board.
Modern composite Key tops.
Middle Pedal controls Muffler Rail.
Original Matching Bench.

45″ High x 59″ Wide x 22 1/2″ Deep