Piano tuning at area high school.

Located in Glover, Vermont, Young’s Piano Shop is owned and operated by me, John Young, a member of the Piano Technician’s Guild since 1978.  That is the same year I graduated from Western Iowa Technical Community College with a degree in Piano Technology. As one of five staff tuners, I then served an apprentice position during the 1978 season of the Aspen, Colorado Music Festival. At the close of the season, Vermont called me home and I established this business – tuning and servicing pianos in the Northeast Kingdom and Northern New Hampshire, as well as restoring pianos for the broader market. 

From 1980 until about 2000, Young’s Piano Shop employed as many as three additional workers skilled in piano tuning, repair, refinishing, and rebuilding. Since 2000, I have down sized somewhat to specialize in expert home care, while continuing the restoration and sale of select Grand, Upright and Square pianos. Over the past four decades, Young’s Piano Shop has had the privilege of serving many hundreds of area piano owners including schools, churches, concert venues, and homes. If you would like to be among them, please contact me at this address. 


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