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Richmond Upright – Serial #24200 – 1900


Antique Richmond Upright Piano.

The Richmond Piano Company was established in 1878 in Richmond Indiana. They produced pianos until about 1949.  It is not a name that I see too often here in New England, but the ones that I have come across have been usually quite ornate and of very good overall quality.

This particular piano first attracted my attention from clear across the hall that contained it. One touch of the keys confirmed my expectation that this one was a real gem. I have been delighted to have the Richmond as a restoration piece.  It has ornate carvings of leafy flowers, pearls and grape vine themes. Fancy beaded moldings dress out the edges. The cabinet style reflects the end of the Victorian age.  The original carving is 99.9% perfect. By deliberate choice I have left the original finish intact – please know that is has some wear and repair.  This piano is like new mechanically, because practically every wear part has been replaced and regulated to factory specifications. The tone is full and sweet from low bass through tenor, to treble.  This instrument truly sings.  

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Steps taken in the renovation process of this piano have included:

Thorough cleaning from the casters to the top lid.
Installation of new bass strings with nickel plated tuning pins.
Action restoration including hammer replacement, new bridle straps, and key bushings.
Damper felt replacement.
Replacement of all under key felt.
Restoration of ivory keyboard with a few select replacements.
Muffler rail replacement.
Soundboard restoration.
Installation of new bass bridge.
Full action regulation.
Hammer voicing for optimal tone quality.
Minor cabinet repairs and veneer restoration.
Preservation of original finish
Several tunings at standard concert pitch (A=440).


4′ 8″ Upright Piano with…

Carved Walnut Cabinet.
Nickel Hardware.
Solid Spruce Sound Board.
Original Ebony and Ivory Keyboard.
Middle Pedal controls Muffler Rail.
New Matching Bench or Stool can be provided.

56″ High x 63″ Wide x 27″ Deep