Piano Wood Turning

Piano Wood Bowls, Boxes and Beyond

After a life-long career as a registered piano technician, I have begun to focus on some of my more artistic pursuits.  By turning wood on my shop lathe, I can create a wide variety of items.  My specialty is the salvage of discarded piano cabinet parts, to be recycled as attractive, usable items.  Most of the core wood in piano manufacture of 100 years ago was either Poplar, Maple, or the increasingly rare American Chestnut.   Click here to learn more about the devastation of this traditional forest product: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_chestnut.  Thin stripes on these turnings represent the surface veneers of the original instrument.  These are typically Mahogany or Walnut.

The process involves removing the piano’s original finish, planing flat all surfaces to be glued, applying any art component, and finally turning on my lathe.  Each piece is a unique creation.  I apply a clear lacquer finish to the non-food contact items.  The bowls are all finished with a food safe combination of Carnauba wax, Bees wax, and Walnut oil.

Big “Thank you!” to all the customers local and online who seriously depleted my inventory ahead of the holiday season. I will be taking a short break from wood turning but will restart production in mid-February.  Thanks for your patience.

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Showing all 11 results