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McPhail Upright – Serial # 55036 – 1915


The A. M. McPhail company was one of the primer piano manufacturers beginning in the mid nineteenth century and stretching well into the 1950’s. In addition to their consistent quality, the company incorporated many innovative construction techniques such as the steel compensation rods built into each frame. Standard features of the McPhail line include balanced keys, a brass hammer flange rail to help maintain alignment, a “bass sustain” working third pedal, and a solid spruce soundboard, as well as many patented mechanical and acoustical advancements. (Look through the thumbnails for images from the 1912 catalogue) “Awarded more than fifty gold medals and diplomas” is a well earned distinction, not just a slogan.  It’s no secret that McPhail Uprights are among my favorite pianos; I have restored scores of them.

I am pleased to offer this outstanding example of early twentieth century American craftsmanship. Although not refinished, the banded mahogany cabinet is in good overall condition, while musically and mechanically this piano has been throughly reconditioned. Tone throughout the tenor and treble sections is clear and ringing, all the while supported by a solid low end, provided by new copper wound, custom made bass strings. The fully restored key board connects your fingers to a silky feeling, carefully restored and regulated piano action.  A delight to play.

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Steps taken in the renovation process of this piano have included:

Thorough cleaning from the casters to the top lid.
Installation of new bass strings with nickel plated tuning pins.
Action restoration including hammer resurfacing, new bridle straps, and hammer butt felt.
Damper felt replacement.
Replacement of all under key felt.
Installation of new Vagias satin finish keytops.
Soundboard restoration.
Full action regulation.
Hammer voicing for optimal tone quality.
Minor cabinet repairs and veneer restoration.
Several tunings at standard concert pitch (A=440).


4′ 7″ Upright Piano with…

Mahogany Cabinet.
Brass Hardware.
Solid Spruce Sound Board.
Vagias satin Key Tops.
Middle Pedal controls Bass Sustain.
New Matching Bench or Stool can be provided.

55″ High x 62″ Wide x 28″ Deep