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Hallet, Davis & Co. – Serial #72295 – 1911


Established in 1835, Hallet, Davis and Company was one of the first major manufactures established in America. They were well known for quality in their full line of Upright, Square, and Grand Pianos, producing some of their best in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
This fine 5′ 2″ piano came to me several years ago, and for some time was a spec piano to occupy my shop time in between work on instruments for private clients. It all came together last year, and it has a terrific mellow tone throughout. 

62″ long x 58″ wide x 40″ high

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What Has Been Done

Steps taken in the renovation process of this piano have included:

Thorough cleaning from the casters to the top lid.
Installation of new pin block.
Installation of new strings with nickel plated tuning pins.
Much action felt replacement, inc. capstan, dropscrew, and damper lift felt. 
Replacement of all under key felt.
Hammer replacement.
Soundboard restoration and refinishing.
Keyboard recovery.
Full action regulation
Hammer voicing for optimal tone quality.
Minor cabinet repairs.
Cabinet refinishing.
Polishing of all hardware.
Replacement of Fallboard Decal.
Refinishing of the cast iron plate.
Several tunings at standard concert pitch (A=440).


5′ 2″ Grand piano with…

Mahogany Cabinet.
Brass Hardware.
Solid Spruce Sound Board.
New Composite Key tops.
Middle Pedal controls Bass Sustain.

62″ long x 58″ wide x 40″ high