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My next offering

I am really pleased with the way this nice Richmond upright is coming out.  I’ll be finishing the work on it this week and will post it for sale on my website. Meanwhile here’s a preview.  

Outside, I have been working to maximize the beauty of the cabinet–short of stripping and refinishing.  Repairing an old finish is time consuming, but often well worth the effort.  The process includes veneer patching, stick lacquering, coloring, and building layers of new finish over the old.  This piano was manufactured 118 years ago. I would rather let that come through in this case (pun?), than attempt to make it look perfectly new.  

Inside, this fine piano has been thoroughly rebuilt with new hammers, dampers, key bushings, bass strings, new bass bridge, and bridle straps. Essentially every wear part has been updated with brand new material.

I had a great year in 2017 with sales of similar pianos as well as a few smaller and more modern instruments. Now I am working to refresh my inventory.  I am still moving along on the Chickering Quarter Grand about which I have posted before, but keeping the showroom full of ready-to-go pieces has been a priority.  

Thanks for reading!