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Currier Console – Serial #94876 – 1982


The Currier Piano Company was established in 1964 in Marion, North Carolina.  It remained in business until 1983.  They produced a medium quality, but well constructed piano.  Where they excelled was with the cabinetry.  Many beautifully finished cabinets are among the Currier line.  Certainly not a concert piano, but maybe perfect for your home, budget, and musical needs.  Includes matching bench.

This specific piano holds its tune well, and has a lively bright tone.  

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Steps taken in the renovation process of this piano have included:

Thorough cleaning from the casters to the top lid.
Several tunings at standard concert pitch (A=440)

The action parts are all original on this relatively young, and unplayed instrument. 



3′ 5″ Console Piano with…

Walnut Cabinet.
Pratt Reed Action.
Brass Hardware.
Laminated Spruce Sound Board.
Modern composite Key tops.
Middle Pedal controls Bass Sustain.
Original Matching Bench.

40 1/2″ High x 57 1/2″ Wide x 24″ Deep